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Next Meeting - September 24, 2014 - Yale West Campus (Orange, CT)

Applying Data Independent Acquisition (DIA) MS Techniques and spectral ion libraries to proteomics and metabolomics experiments in network biology

- Christopher M. Colangelo, Ph.D.

- Sponsered by AB SCIEX

Social hour begins at 5:30. Presentation begins at 6:30.

Targeted Proteomics was named Nature Method of the Year in 2012 and is one of the most rapidly growing areas in biotechnology. Since 2007, my research labroatory has been working to design and implement targeted assays that rapidly quantitate and validate potential protein biomarkers. These proteins often are initially identified from the literature, genomic studies, or from analyses earlier data dependent analysis such as SILAC, iTRAQ/TMT, or label-fee quantiation. By utilizing our in-house developed targeted proteome workflows for both MRM and data-independent SWATH analysis, I will present multiple projects which have utilized our Targeted Proteomics workflows to accurately quantitate both protein and phosphoproteins of interest in mammalian systems.

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