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CTMSDG proudly announces next meeting October 4th (Meriden, CT)

CTMSDG's next meeting will be October 4th from 5 - 8:00. Space is limited.

This event will be held at the Four Points Sheraton Hotel, Located in Meriden, CT

Title: Defining Phenotypic Precision Medicine Using LC-HRMS Stable Isotope Label Metabolic Flux Analysis by Matthew Blatnik, John K. Meissen, David A. Pirman, Russell Miller

Abstract: Stable label isotope tracing in biological systems is an emerging technique that will help shape modern precision medicine based therapeutic strategies. Many disease intervention programs aim to influence protein-substrate interactions. These interventions will have direct impact on cell metabolism leading to phenotypic metabolic changes. Therefore, probing mechanistic fluxes with carbon-13 labeled molecular probes along with broad LC-HRMS metabolomics based screens are the closest investigators can come to measuring a phenotypic response at the compartmental level. This work will demonstrate that genotype does not always translate to phenotype by exploring uniformly U-13C-glutamine fluxes in primary hepatocytes containing a SNP that increases liver Glutaminase-2 (GLS2) activity. We will also explore the metabolic impact of AMPK activation in ex vivo mouse muscles using a pharmacological tool compound and U-13C-labeled glucose. This work will provide a rather detailed view of cell metabolism related to phenotypic changes from genetic or pharmacological events, illustrate the challenges of LC-HRMS based flux analyses and provide a forward-looking perspective into the field.

About the Speaker: Dr. Matthew Blatnik received his Ph.D. in Biochemistry from the University of South Carolina and his B.S. in Chemistry from Francis Marion University (South Carolina). Currently he works for Pfizer as a team leader for an LC-MS based translational biomarker group supporting cardiovascular, metabolic, neurological inflammation, and oncology programs. As group leader, Dr. Blatnik is heavily involved in Pfizer’s global strategies for metabolomics.

October's Meeting is sponsored by Agilent.

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